Free Personal signatures – cool!



Shopper freebies

Went shopping last Sunday and guess what I got….. for free.  A henna design on my hand



Not a very neat design, but then its free so doesn’t matter.


Heart Bookmark

I made this Heart bookmark for my friend Dr. V, who is also my physiotherapist.



Lovely… isn’t it?

Laptop cozies

Made a couple of laptop cozies with acrylic yarn. Lined them with cotton to hold CDs, pen and cables.

This one was made for my son.


This next one is a custom order.


See you soon.

Beautiful square doily

A lovely square doily in size 20 Anchor crochet cotton thread.

Kittens for the bookworm

Made these kitty bookmarks for CQ who is a cat lover and an avid reader.

Crochet for my kitchen

These potholders and coasters were made using acrylic yarn for my kitchen. I just love the bright colours.

Welcome to my blog.

Hello and welcome to my blog “Crochetkari” or Art of Crochet, which will showcase my crochet creations. I have been an avid crocheter for over twenty years and having recently discovered Blogland, decided to share my love for the craft with the world. I am looking forward to a lot of learning and sharing with fellow crocheters. Will be posting pics of some of my FOs soon, till then… Have a nice Day!!!